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Saturday, June 2, 2007


Chatroom Psycho

CuddlyKitten: It would be nice to meet some new friends.
Moderator: Usually at night it really gets crowded in here.
CuddlyKitten: That's cool, crowds are fun but sometimes less people are fun also.
Moderator: Ah, well then Kitten, you will want to stop in around 2AM. Very quiet.

Sometimes I can really get bored. Know what I mean? Sitting around day after day, looking for things to keep me occupied. I tried stamp collecting, way too boring. Then I moved onto exchanging postcards with people from around the world. That was interesting for awhile but I started noticing the people were getting younger and younger. I think the youngest was 12 years old in Bogata. The novelty wore off that adventure quickly.

Oh! I am sorry, you are probably sitting there wondering "where the hell is this story going? And what am I reading?" I guess I forgot to mention that I am Denny Shane, the author of "Chatroom Psycho" I am writing this new novel as I go and you are going to hear all about my trials and tribulations as I write and develop the story, right before your eyes. Now come on, how cool is that? You will get first hand knowledge of what goes through an authors mind as they sit hour after hour banging out ideas and exciting storylines.

So therefore, odd chapters will be the real story and even chapters will be just you and I sitting around, having a smoke, sipping a nice chilled Cabernet Sauvignon or, if you prefer, a later vintage of Ripple since I don't know what you enjoy drinking at this hour. And we will chat the hours away about Chatroom Psycho, or at the very least a few minutes depending how fast you read. I should mention that these chats will also be included in the finished product as well. Feel free to point out any punctuation problems and grammar errors that you may see along the way.

So I guess my first question is "what do you think so far?" Good story line? It sucks? What? Now I know that first chapter flew by a little fast but I was in a hurry to get through it. I wanted to jam pack it with infidelity (Logan and Lisa), a damsel in distress (Angie, moving, etc.), humor (Hector, ok, I need to work on the humor a bit) and yet to be expanded on is the excitement.

Speaking of excitement, I just know you are sitting there asking yourself, "will there be sex in this book?" Sex? Now honestly do you think I would write a literary masterpiece and include sex? A dime store novel for you to bury your sweaty imagination into? To sit alone in the quietness of your room, an embering fire glowing in the fireplace? A glass of Chianti on the night table?

Do you really think my novel is going to include smut? A base and insulting lowering of my estimation of you?

Well, it might.

I kinda/sorta think that Angie's friend, Divana, the apartment building manager, may be a likely candidate for our sex interest as a lesbian or bi-sexual. What's that? You think a bi-sexual, huh? That way there may be an opportunity for her and Angie? Good angle. I'll see how it goes.

Now that you know what is going on you are probably asking yourself, "okay Denny, what is this chatroom dialogue at the beginning of the new chapter page?"

That is my little secret and you better not be jumping ahead to other chapters to see what is happening there either.

Ok friend, you go ahead and read the next chapter while I kinda lean back in my chair here and take a short nap. See ya when you get back!
Posted by Denny Shane at 8:34 AM
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